About Michelle Soh

        Michelle Soh graduated from University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree (Honors distinction) in Pharmacology and Masters degree in Physical Therapy. Since completing her masters degree, she has been worked in both public and private practice, with a diverse group of clients ranging from infants to older adults. Ever the lifelong learner, she has pursued advanced training in orthopedics, osteoarthritis management, falls prevention, neurological rehabilitation, functional dry needling and pelvic health. Her inspiration to become a physical therapist was sparked while volunteering at a long term care facility. She was fascinated the physical therapist’s ability to create positive transformations to function and quality of life through application of techniques which were neither invasive nor pharmacological. This philosophy is the core of Michelle’s practice today. Her focus is to help her clients achieve their goals through a holistic treatment approach of clinical reasoning, manual therapy, and specific therapeutic exercise. She is a globetrotter, so you might spot her in a different country, somewhere off the beaten path, soaking in new cultures. She is also a competitive volleyball player, dancer, and runner who is devoted to her maltipoo, Teddy.