Motion Composite - Helio C2

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The Helio C2’s outstanding performance and unrivaled lightness has positively changed how people think about wheelchairs. With a transport weight of only 9.5 lb (4.3 kg), the Helio C2 is at least 9 lb (4 kg) lighter than any other wheelchair in its category.

The innovative frame design lets you achieve a super low 13” (33 cm) seat-to-floor height with a 3” caster on a standard frame. That’s the same frame that can go up to 21 1/2’’ (54.6cm).

Even an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame can get weighed down without the right components. That’s why every single accessory, bolt and bracket of the Helio C2 is designed with weight reduction in mind. From the Flip-Back Convertible Armrests to the forged aluminum axle plate, lightness is a top priority.

350 lb (159 kg) maximum weight capacity, up to 22” (55.9 cm) wide.

 By using an extra-large carbon fiber weave to reinforce the Helio C2 HD crossbrace, we’ve significantly beefed up the maximum weight capacity while adding minimal weight to the chair.
The Helio C2 HD can handle up to 350 lb (159 kg) with only a 6-oz. (176 g) weight increase over the standard Helio C2. Heavy duty without the HEAVY.

Everybody benefits from an easier to propel wheelchair. The entirely Symmetrical Molded Crossbrace, oval shaped tubes and oversized pivot axles work in concert, while our unique Ultrarigid Folding System maximizes frame rigidity and energy conservation.